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Heart and Soles Half Marathon: Houma (My first relay experience)

Up until this past Saturday, I had never raced as part of a relay team. Maybe it’s because I usually stick to shorter distances, such as 5K races.

When the Heart and Soles Half Marathon creeped around the corner, I knew I wanted to participate. I just didn’t know in what capacity. The half-marathon was out of the question. I hadn’t been training for that sort of event.

I knew the 5K was always an option, since I participated in that part of it last year.

But I figured I’d ask around to see if anyone would be interested in being part of a relay team with me.

As evidenced in this post, I found my teammate! My grandpa, Burnelle, was up to the challenge!

(Burnelle, right before starting his leg of the race.)

Everyone lined up, and guess what I did?

I waited.

The people who were doing the second leg of the relay all hung out at the (basically) half-way point.

That part was SO nerve-wracking!! I just wanted to start! Everyone was getting antsy waiting for their partner to make it halfway. I walked around a bit.

And I found Brandon!! (You know.. the guy who founded Claim Your Journey? Duh!)

It was cool getting to meet one of my CYJ blogger friends. I really hope I can meet some more soon!

I guess I’d better start venturing out and not waiting for people to come all the way down to Houma, huh?

(I’m working on it!)

Finally, my moment arrived! It was time for me to be off! I had set my Garmin to 5:1 run/walk intervals. I need my walk breaks to be structured, or else I will just walk way too much.

Every time my watch would beep, I’d either slow down or speed up. It really worked out well for me. Sure, I was tired around miles 5 and 6, but I hadn’t exactly been training much for those distances. My pace got slower and slower. But I was okay with that, as long as I was running.

When I made it to the finish line, which was inside of our town’s civic center, my grandpa was waiting for me. We hugged, and shared our moment of accomplishment and joy.

(We even got medals!)

I’d say my first relay experience was a success. It’s so awesome to share that feeling of reward with someone else, especially if it’s someone you love dearly!

Thanks Paw Paw Burnie! I’ll do it again, anytime!

Posted: January 11, 2012 by

  • esinglet

    I think it is WAY awesome that you ran a relay with your Grandpa! Such a great way to bond with a family member. Congrats to you both on the finish! 

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