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10 Must Read Race Recaps from Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon

Thursday, March 8th, 2012 01:25 pm GMT -6 ·

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This past weekend, runners from all over participated in the 2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon. Here are a few links from around the web with different takes on the race. Some talk about setting PR, some ran their first, and some got to visit New Orleans for the first time. Take a look!

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Abby’s Road to Amazingness | RnR: NOLA

Better With Veggies | Race Recap: New Orleans Marathon (Part 1)

Running With Sass | Rock N Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2012

Emily Eoff | Rockin it out in NOLA..Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon & Marathon

Healthy Strides | Rockin It Out In Nola

Fred | The Recap RNR NOLA 2012

Karen | RNR NOLA with ACS Determination

Katherine | 2:04 vs 2:34

Posted: March 8, 2012 by

  • Richard Hanley Jr.

    It Rocked!

    Now, this was my first marathon, but the only thing I thought it was missing was some creole food at the finish line.

    I did my first half marathon at the Jazz Half in NOLA last year and loaded up on red beans and jambalaya at the finish line. I guess I just had that in my head and that all I could think of on the last few miles :)

    Awesome run, great course, well done. 

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