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I’m Still Up and Running!

Can you see me blushing? I’m so embarrassed that it’s been so long since I’ve posted! Last weekend I ran my first 5K since I did the half marathon relay in January. It was quite difficult for me, since I took a little hiatus from running. We went to Las Vegas during Mardi Gras break, and I didn’t run that whole time. Then, when we got back, I just kept making excuses. I was still running at least once a week, but it was only for about a mile or two miles at a time. I also was doing some walking in my neighborhood.

So, doing the 3.1 distance was a little tough, especially in last weekend’s heat! But I had a great time with my friend, Paige.

The race was also for a great cause, the Cooper Life Fund. I strongly suggest you check out the site and try to attend one of their events.  John and Ashley Fontenot started the Cooper Life Fund after their son, Cooper, was born with a heart defect. They host two “Super Cooper” 5K races each year, one in Houma, and one in Lafayette. The proceeds go to families with children in the newborn intensive care unit. Also, check out their facebook page here.

We ran the entire race together, and Paige set a PR!

I’ve been very busy coaching Girls on the Run. The girls are making excellent progress, and they teach me something new with each practice. Our 5K race is in May, and it is going to be fantastic. It will be a great chance to make the organization visible to the Houma-Terrebonne area.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Still Running Louisiana, I promise!

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