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Celebrating Three Years of Being Breast Cancer Free with Mom

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 10:06 am GMT -6 ·

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Health. It’s been quite an issue when it comes to my family. Just a few years ago, my mom went to the hospital for just a regular checkup. That checkup included a mammogram. Test came back showing that 4 lumps were found in her chest. It’s tough to describe the emotions that went I through. Anyone that’s been in the situation can relate. But it was quite a relief to hear from the doctor that she would be just fine after surgery. What saved her life, early detection.

This past Saturday, we headed to our local Komen Race for the Cure held in Baton Rouge to celebrate. It was exciting to see the thousands of people that showed up for this event. It’s just incredible to witness how many people are affected by Breast Cancer. We had a small crew that included my mom, girlfriend, business partner and his kids. We were all in pink Claim Your Journey shirts.


As we’re walking up, my mom is completely stoked! Like when I get new shoes, stoked. As we get into the the mix of things, she notices the tutus, wigs, and etc. She looks over to me and says, “Oh we have to be just a little bit more creative next year.” I couldn’t agree more. I imagine we’ll look completely ridiculous. That’s the best way to do it, right?

A few minutes later, the race began. We started at an easy pace, which was manageable for me. Then, my mom and girlfriend start speeding up. I’m not the fastest walker, actually quite slow. So, I let them power walk to the finish and hung out with my business partner. We would later meet them at the line and finish off the event with an awesome bowl of jambalaya.

What has your experience been with Breast Cancer? Share your comments below.

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